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I've seen the bravely default demo up on the e shop, been thinking about downloading it...What are peoples thoughts on the game?

Well everyone who I've heard from has said it's incredibly good, and at the very least it's just a demo. Why not try it? It can be a bit jarring at first I found in the demo but after about 15-0 minutes you can really appreciate it. 

Just don't try hard like I did.

Listen to this man, for he is wise. Hard mode will put you off the game if you dislike tough challenges. And the demo's Hard difficulty is nothing compared to the main game Hard's difficulty. 

On chapter 3 bosses start having double HP and stats. Some of the battles are insane, even with a strong party

Oh YES! a hard JRPG :D I'm in love! whats it like on normal?

You should ask that to Rol, I think he's already finished/almost finishing the game on Normal. I only know that, for example, the chapter 3 end boss on Normal has about 50000 HP and has about 200 P.Atk. On Hard he has 95000 HP, 380 P.Atk and almost double in every other stat. Even against a level 50 party, most of his attacks are OHKO if your characters aren't defending. 

I've currently hit Chapter 4 and there are regular mobs that can wipe out the party before you can act (if they get a pre-emptive strike on you then it's an instant game over 99% of the time).

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