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ishiki said:

What remakes have actually sold close to their original?

There's little motivation for the creative people to re-release something that's already been done when it's just as almost just much work as creating something new, and generally less fun.

The only way I could see them doing it is if maybe, FFXV bombs from a sails standpoint. But there's little pressure at the moment. Their stock price has almost doubled in the last 6 months (mainly since FFXIV's release).

FFX HD and Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD says hello though. Although in terms of sales wise - no idea but I've heard great things about some remakes and have enjoyed several remakes ;o.

Besides they are slowly crawling closer to the idea of a remake or more presence of FFVII (i.e. the re-release on PC and via digital on PSN). Though I doubt that a remake for FFVII will be coming soon. A iOS port seems more likely at this point in time.


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