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kekrot said:
For multiplatform games, should we write only the console we played it on, or all which were available day 1 / similar ports?

Like Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga (Wii) which was completely similar to the PS2/Xbox versions, and
Resident Evil 4 (GCN/Wii) since it has completely new controls and released long after, yet I have only played it on the Wii?

Take it from me, I actually did try to write down every single console that the games are available on in my last list. It was pretty ridiculous since games like, for example, the original Sonic the Hedgehog have been ported to and rereleased on just about everything over the course of twenty-two years, so including every console would look like:

#47: Sonic the Hedgehog (Genesis, Saturn, Dreamcast, GCN, PS2, Xbox, PC, PSP, Wii, PS3, X360, Mobile, DS, 3DS)

As fun as it was, I think this year I'll just stick to including the console(s) I played the game on. But hey, do what'chu wanna do, man.