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Smeags said:
Korppi said:


Just to make sure: free-to-play browser games are still fair game, right? It's not like it's fucking Candy Crush Saga.

As far as I'm concerned, you're in the clear.

And yeah, I've made my preliminary list this morning. The top games haven't moved around all that much, but my bottom 30 has definitely seen some upheaval. There's so many different things that can make one rethink the way they rank these games. That's definitely part of the fun.

Goodie. And I just realised that I asked you the exact same thing about pre-loaded mobile games the year before last, when I wanted to include Snake II on my list. Haha, it's like I always have to be a spechull snowflake.

Anyway, something I'm pretty tempted do is post music tracks from the games on my list as hints about upcoming ones, but I'm not aware of any handy way to do that. And downloading all that music and then uploading it to YouTube myself just so that you can't see the name of the game or the BGM in the title or the description does seem like a bit of excessive effort for something that three or four people might occasionally pay attention to. (On accident. While drunk, in a poorly lit room). But hey, if someone else wants to do something like that, coolio.