think-man said:
ListerOfSmeg said:
Sony by far. I stopped buying their products because of those guys

Buy them 2nd hand lol No fanboys are gunna stop me from enjoying games.

Its not that it bothers me to support Sony. It bothers me that someone outside of gamng might confuse me for one of them. Out of all fanboys for any company, they do the most harm to gaming and how the general public see gaming. Remember when Rockstr got suicide threats and death threats when GTA went Multi platform? I sure do because its the day I sold my PS consoles.

I know not all of them do that. Its actually jut a vocal minority but its still embarrassing.
A lot of times I just take what I will hear a Sony fanboy say on other sites, reverse it and post it against Sony.  I just want Sony fans to see how ridiculous they sound or how flawed their logic is.

Members here were calling W101 a flop with only 2 days of sales for Japan. Did you see all the hate I got when I took Yakuza sales and threw it back at them?

I still play a good bit of SOE games on PC but I'm embarrassed by how the console guys will troll Nintendos FB site or MS facebook site.


Edit: when I say fans I mean fanboys in this case. I know not every Sony fan is like that. I am just use to saying fan over FB because even if someone is clearly being one you'll get banned for suggesting they are a FB