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pezus said:
BasilZero said:
_crazy_man_ said:
Could top the orginal's 4 million

But dam only 460,000 concurrent users

*Remembers when WoW had +12 million subscribers, still has 7.7 today*

Yep MMOs arent that huge anymore.

But the B2P method seems to be working fine as long as the servers dont cost them too much of course.

MMos are bigger than they were, it's just that there's a lot of free MMOs that are hugely popular

What I meant to say was popular with one brand over the other kinda like WoW (although WoW still has that touch to it).

They are pretty evenly (somewhat) spread apart with the ones that came out recently. WoW's numbers are gonna get smaller though with the more different types of MMOs coming out.


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