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Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Bros. Pre-Order Bonus Revealed

Nintendo’s latest entry in the Mario & Luigi series, the Nintendo 3DS exclusive Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Bros., is set for release this week, but there’s still time to get that pre-order in. And those who do are in for a very special treat as Nintendo has revealed the incentive available for early adopters.


In Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Bros., Mario and Luigi embark on the adventure of their dreams in an action-orientated role-playing game (RPG) that combines the resort world of Pi’illo Island with the wild landscapes of Luigi’s imagination, where anything can happen. Meet a host of hilarious characters as you strive to rescue Princess Peach and help Prince Dreambert free his petrified Pi’illo people from the bat-king Antasma’s curse.

Those who pre-order Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Bros. from selected retailers will receive not one, but two unique keyrings representing each of the two heroes by their trademark caps. Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Bros. is set for release this coming Friday, 12th July 2013, and Electronic Theatre will keep you updated with all the latest details on the videogame





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