Already posted, but we didn't have a specific thread for it since it was mixed in with other news, so I guess it's legit?

Anyway, I can't wait to see how future SE Wii games look. I thinki they're doing this for maybe a specific game or two with other games.

Also, JoyStiq continued this story. Taku Murata said:

"The platforms being targeted are PS3, Xbox 360 and Windows PC, although he noted that "some of our technologies support Wii. It's not 100% yet, so that's why I didn't put it up [on the slide] yet." He noted that in the past, Square Enix has made games specifically for one platform. However, that's not what they're interested in pursuing in the future. "In the past that approach, that worked and at the time I believe that was the right approach."

It's possible we could games like KH3 that uses the Crystal Tools, along with a Fabula Nova Crystallis title.

And regarding KH3, they're being adamant again about the "not support one console" thing. They're already bringing FF and SO to the PS3. I don't think adding another big main series to the PS3 will fit their approach.