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thismeintiel said:
kowenicki said:
thismeintiel said:
kowenicki said:
thismeintiel said:
BasilZero said:
Well I wouldn't doubt it since there hasn't been anything official announced for the next Xbox while the ps4 has had a show focused on it and had a few announcements.

Yea.  One that happened 3 months ago.  Of course buzz and Twiiter talk about it should have died down some by now.  However, MS is about to have a press conference IN JUST 3 DAYS (!), yet the PS4 is still enjoying almost twice the social media buzz?  That should be a little concerning.  And if some of the more negative rumors prove true, then it may see a big jump in social media buzz, but a lot of it won't be positive talk.

thats a very strange strange way of looking at it.  not to mention that sony dedicated fans are very very very very vocal.

The next gen, like this gen, wont be won by the hardcore, die hard fan bases. 

lets talk again post May 21st and post e3.

I disagree, lol.  Any other way of looking at it, to me, would just seem like making excuses for a lack of hype.  Like I said, we are mere days (not weeks, anymore) away from the NeXbox reveal, yet people are still mostly talking about the PS4?  You aren't concerned about that?  At all?

And you are right, next gen won't be decided by the hardcore fanbases (Sony would win that one, anyway), but by the core gamer, in general.  Many casuals are more than satisfied with their phones and tablets.  They will definitely be there for next gen, but not nearly in the mass numbers they were this gen.  This is evidenced in the performance of the Wii U.  A console that screams casual appeal, with its lower price (compared to what the PS4/NeXbox will be), Mario games, and tablet controller, yet the casuals aren't gobbling it up like they did the Wii.  So, if core gamers think Sony has their best interests in mind, as opposed to a MS that may still be focusing too much on Kinect/blocking used games, than I fully believe they will be turning away from MS in droves.

In droves.... excellent.

So we are talking a complete smashing of the oppositon by Sony and the PS4 then.  I like your optimism. you're wrong of course, but I admire it.

Its 2006 ALL over again.

And I admire your optimism about the NeXbox.  It's 2008 all over again. 

Seriously, though, I did say IF.  Also, let's face it, Sony will have Japan and MOST LIKELY EU over NeXbox's MAYBE US and UK, and without the 1-1 1/2 years difference in launch and $200 more expensive console.  Even with all those mistakes against the PS3, it will either finish a close 2nd or, just maybe, pass the Wii for 1st.  Next gen should be even better for Sony.  They seem to have learned from their mistakes and Nintendo doesn't seem to be much of a threat to either of them.

maybe US and UK!?


its a given

the ps3 cant even outsell the 360 there now, with "no gamez"...  every month the gap in the US and UK gets bigger and bigger.

Anyhow there is no need to elaborate. you think that the PS4 will obliterate all before it.  Thats enough for me.

I'm not really here!