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walsufnir said:
pezus said:
BloodyRain said:
MontanaHatchet said:

This season has just been getting better and better. Tywin has just been killing it in every scene, and Jaime is stealing the show too. Just one more reason to love the Lannisters.

I know what you mean. In the begining of game of thrones, the only lannister I liked was Tyrion, but know I really like Jamie too. Cersei is ok and Joffrey I still just hate. Oh Tywin is pretty cool too.

It's funny because in the books Cersei is the most unlikable by far, even more than Joffrey. 


OT: Anyone watched the latest ep yet?

Is she? I always disliked Joffrey more than Cersei.[until a certain point, of course...]

I guess it's partly because... *MAJOR Book 3-4/TV Show SPOILERS*
Cersei lasts longer and we get to see her POV in book 4. Also because she is pretty much the reason Joffrey is how he is.