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So I've looked at the numbers, and together they have a combined total of over 13m sales (8m for X, 5m for X-2, and this is WW)... which is pretty amazing to be honest.

However, remakes, remasters, collections, whatever you want to call them, never sell as good as their original games, and that got me wondering, what would happen with the sales of this HD remaster be like, since like I said, they never really sell well, but these are two games with very high sales anyway.

I also looked at the sales of the original Kingdom Hearts in Japan, along with Kingdom Hearts HD... in the first week, the original sold 415k in Japan, whereas the HD version hasn't even sold half of that in 6 weeks... then again, Kingdom Hearts isn't quite as popular in Japan, it did so much better in the US.

Then again, Final Fantasy X was insanely popular in Japan, selling 1.9m copies in the first week alone... and let's not forget Final Fantasy X-2 sold 1.5m copies in its first week in Japan... so, basically... very popular.

If the HD remasters sell only a quarter of this, 3.4m combined (X and X-2 FW JP sales), which would be 850k in its first week... in Japan alone, I'm sure it could pass 1m just in Japan within a month, and crawl its way up to god knows, I'd say 1.5m+ actually...

I'm only going by the Japanese numbers here in the games I've mentioned, since I can't find the FW sales of any other regions of the games... there isn't enough data there, although the end sales prove it anyway

Anyway, back to my question, with the information I've gathered here, how much do you think the game will sell?

PS. If I've missed anything, feel free to say so.