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your mother said: DIAR said: Also, I bet the poster your mother will claim he is older than me. Does it matter? It's like saying you are right because you are older. Got news for you, kiddo. I can say I'm 8 or I'm 97. How are you going to really know? Infantile. Your age has no bearing on your intelligence, and if you are really 26, then I truly feel sorry for you, and if I were you I'd be pulling a GTA on your folks for providing you with such a lousy education.
Do you know how childish you are acting? I feel sorry for you, getting all pissed off on a computer. Do you have any friends? Come on, don't be so shy. How old are you and stop avoiding me. I noticed you edited my post to put in a faux grammar mistake...LOL! You must be desperate.