ookaze said: To all the fanboys, especially DIAR, try to read this : "January NPD sales for Canada: Who's the Wiiner?". Read it again, I think you didn't understood it : "January NPD sales for Canada: Who's the Wiiner?". This thread is about Canada. But perhaps I'm mistaken, and it's part of the USA, as I see some guys talking about the USA. Because if Canada is not part of the USA, then these people are morons. Now, if you want to talk about outsold this and that, the Wii outsold the XB360 in Canada in november, december and january. If we're not careful, we'll see this nonsense repeated in every single thread of this site.
Canada is still a small market and has no real influence. BTW, I am obviously not a fanboy as I support no system at all. Also, I bet the poster your mother will claim he is older than me.