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M.U.G.E.N said:
ivanpgcs said:

Can't wait for this one. Looks absolutely amazing


I hope we all can play this one together :D the vita cult of vgc!


This trailer is the most orgasmic !!!

Too bad they hadnt show new games :/


THat event was good, as good as a good ND, but it could have been perfect with new system seller games, with the price cut, too bad...

But this event will be useful , and im sure now the sales will be better and Souul Sacrifice will appear in preorder charttz :)



NOw, i hope for a new vita heaven for us, to announce localizations

Predictions for end of 2014 HW sales:

 PS4: 17m   XB1: 10m    WiiU: 10m   Vita: 10m