Stever89 said:
Seems everyone is playing the "we have shortages man" card. I hope ioi has a public announcement to say what he's planning on doing or something.

Ioi would say something, but he has a shortage on time.  ;)

Very good numbers for PS3 to beat the X360 and come close to the Wii.  I don't think that the later will happen again, as the shipments now are back to normal (ie receiving again by ship vs via air over Christmas).  And the 20-50k vouchers sold by Gamestop, and redeemed in January are done with, so the equivalent in new shipments will be available to be sold in Feb and on forwards.

Yep, Crazy.  Sony was clever enough to stuff the stores with their consoles over the holidays, thus being the only one still with product to sell in January.  ;)

Torturing the numbers.  Hear them scream.