NintendoPie said:
pezus said:
NintendoPie said:
Wii U seems to be doing OK compared to the PS3 and the X360. We'll see how that goes throughout the rest of this month and the next few months...

39k vs. 144k (360) and 80k (PS3-no Europe) is extremely bad. No sugar-coating. It's just that, really, really bad. Look at the PS3/360 weekly sales going into Feb and March; WiiU sales are not going anywhere but down until there's a price cut and/or a system seller.

I'm looking at the graphs, here. Superchunk's graphs show that (right now) the Wii U is above the PS3 and X360. Besides, I was never sugarcoating it. I know the Wii U isn't doing anywhere as good as the Wii was.

Plus, I already saw that 39k figure. And I said it sucked.

WiiU right now is above PS3/360, but practically the only reason it's above PS3 is because it didn't have Europe sales. That won't last for long though, which is why I'd say it's not doing OK compared to them.