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Kenology said:
BasilZero said:
Nintendo was never strong when it came to the storyline development of their games

Would love for you to play Fire Emblem and then say that with a straight face.

Super Mario RPG had a lite story, btw.  Not the best example.

I was talking about in general and especially to their bigger named Franchises such as Mario (the mainline series) compared to other story driven series made by other developers such as Final Fantasy from Square.

Fire Emblem is just one example btw, I can also mention Golden Sun, some of the Zelda games, some of the Star Fox games (adventure mostly), etc.


Super Mario RPG having a light story didnt matter, because it was a RPG, it was the main point of the game, for RPGs usually the Storyline is more driven than the gameplay which SMRPG is a perfect example imo especially when you compare it to other Mario games.


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