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Panama said:
This film was brilliant. I enjoyed it more than arguably all of Brosnan's Bond films and I believe Craig silenced many naysayers. Then Quantum of Solace came out...

Nice review by the way, a lot of dedication reviewing all these films in such depth. I don't normally post in your threads but i've read them all.

Quantum of Solace was not that bad of a movie either, it just was an actual sequel to Casino Royale. Kind of strange for a Bond movie. There were still a lot of good scenes in the movie. Sadly a major character dies and there were a few "Why were these parts in here moments".


Still alltogether it was a very enjoyable flick. Casino Royale was much better, and Skyfall looks to be really good as well. Prediction: Last Judi Dench Bond Flick. Will they go back to a man in the next one?

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