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I think that was the first review that I actually read more than the closing remarks Amp! I cannot believe how good that was. Maybe I will agree with you more on past bond films if I just took the time to read your reviews, but they are not all full of humor and whit like this one is..are they?

For some reason I got the impressions that you did not like Craig as bond so I was expecting the worsted possible scenario here. Your review gave me the Battleship treatment. I thought I was going to be disappointed, but was happily surprised.
As I was reading the train sequence part with bond and vesper I realized something. I think the lady who played vesper is in "Dark Shadows", @$ a witch. I have never seen here anywhere else from what I can remember.

Great review! I feel like you took extra time so you could submit it for an application for that torrilian writer job. You should apply.

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