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Ji99saw said:
pezus said:
Ji99saw said:

I love how you fail to mention Sony has implemented an online pass for every first prty game and a PS+ sucription. MS does not require an online pass for first party games a policy that was invented by EA

You only need to buy online passes if you buy it used. If you do buy it used, I do not feel sorry for you.

I know it's when you buy a Used game I was just making the point that just like Sony needs to be compensated for a used game sale, Microsoft needs to compensated for bandwidth and other XBL perks. Also don't ever try to make assumptions on my purchasing habits because actually I buy all my games new but I would never talk down too people who do not buy new.

I did not make an assumption, I simply stated that if you buy used I don't feel sorry for you needing to pay extra for online. The developers get nothing from a used sale.