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Cannot understand people who defend XBL fees.

I subscribe to Lovefilm, a movie streaming service. I can access this free on my PC, or free on PS3. If I want to do the same on my 360 I need XBL Gold.

Why? Where the hell is the cost on Microsofts part? I pay lovefilm for the subscription, Lovefilm stream it from their servers to me. The 360 is just a connection device between my router and TV. So why exactly do I need pay MS for the privilege of using my paid for subscription on my own internet line which I pay for and get data from Lovefilms servers.

Lovefilm is not even close to being the only example like this.

XBL Gold paying for MP servers is a complete farce also, most games are P2P hosting, that is a player using their own internet connection, no XBL servers. Some games like many of EAs use dedicated servers, again nothing to do with XBL.

Activision gets a cut of XBL fee, well I don't play any Activision games...I take it I pay less because of this? What, no? I'm paying for other people to play and not myself? Amazing.