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kowenicki said:
Soleron said:

I'm taking the piss out of "Manchester" Utd... a club that isn't even in Manchester.

and to other posters...

EVERY title is bought to some extent, doesnt stop what we have just witnessed being unbelievable entertainment.

For me, the bought aspect kills the games's integrity and I prefer to find sports (Tennis, Golf) or formats (World Cup) that don't suffer from that.

Why we watch sport is storylines. The game itself is not too exciting (imagine a ball going back and forth for 90 minutes), instead it is the meaning of what takes place (against the history of the team, what else is happening in the season) that makes it entertaining. Well, the storyline is always the same. Russian billionaire buys club, removes all management and local players, buys out the best on the world market and hammers people until they get a trophy. Then they lose interest and the next benefactor spends more money.

"Incredible" "Lovely" "!!!!!!" from the OP imply that Man City's victory was taken as a personal victory by you, not just entertaining. You don't get that !!!!! feeling from watching cat videos on youtube despite how entertaining they are. So, how could you even identify with a club? What about it makes you want to support it or empathise with its story?

do you support a football team?  if so.. which?

I'm not really here!

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