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goddog said:
pezus said:
goddog said:
pezus said:
If you don't want to pay to play online, get a gaming PC. Case closed. They will never be able to charge for online play there (well, except MMO's).

server rental fees featuring BF3+ and likly your next CoD, and more micro transactions coming SOON! DLC that would have been free or with the game at launch, an always on network connection required because we know you dont play alone....


rambling rant ... why i have not bought the last to C&C after owning all other versions, some times multiple copies.... soon to be the same with sim city if the rumors are true, i despise not being able to play off line, most of the time im on, but sometimes im away with my laptop and have no access, the choice is what i want even if i dont use it

You know you don't need to pay server rental fees unless you want to host one. 

And always-on network connection can be easily fixed with a crack.

at the rate things are going your going to have to rent a server if you want to play, they will not have enough offical servers to meet demand, and on the crack front, i could but buying the game would reinforce the idea its aceptable and stealing it would justify thier viewpoint, so its a not buy it market for me, ill just wonder off and play my older games and minecraft;)

also another anoyance, why 3-4 logins on some games, i feel they should work it out so if i were to buy it on steam, it intigrates the logins and bypasses the windows login (unless i tell it to not default that way) or ubisoft login or what ever, im starting to see this on xbl games too and thats driving me up a wall one of the main reasons i started console gaming was it was quicker to play and no need to worry about hardware for 5 years or so, now I have to enter in code after code after code I bought a text pad just to make it faster... makes me pissed enough i may not buy a next gen console... but dont hold me to that

You only need to pay the fees to host a server yourself, not to play on them. Many games have allowed people to rent servers in the past if they so wish, I don't see it as a slight.

Well, if you crack the game it doesn't matter if it reinforces their idea. You just crack every game that has it and don't need to worry about anything.