pezus said:
You're taking a very strict view of the meaning of free here. It's all about what free means.

If you have a free will, then you can shape the future. If you don't have a free will then the future and all your future decision are predetermined or determined by randomness, giving you no control of your actions.

Your decisions themselves do affect events. For an example for all those nasty viruses or diseases out there, scientists and doctors have discovered medicines and cures/vaccines for those illnesses. If none of those doctors/scientists did anything, the world wouldnt be where it is now.

It was the free will of those doctors/scientists to go down the path they took to find solutions for the problems that happened in the past. If they did nothing and left random chance, I doubt any of us would be alive or lived long enough to post here.

Now it is because of randomness, that it takes time for those cures/vaccines to be made which is why I believe randomness and free will go hand in hand together. Randomness in this case could be anything at this point, whether it could be existance of needed materials/supplies, funding for the research, or lab accidents, etc.


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