Killergran said:
I just checked how much money I've spent on Steam. Quite a bit.

I have 291 "Games" in my list. And my community page says 257. If I'd bother to actually count which ones are duplicates, tools and episodics, or bought at retail I'd probably come down to approximately 200 real games.

Looking at my store history I've bought games for 998,05 Euros and 90,96 Dollars.

That works out at around €5 per game.

Of course, they are not all big name games, quite a few are indie games, episodic games and some are just plain old. Like the Jedi Knight Collection and Doom collection. Games that noone would pay full price for under any circumstances. Then again, a lot of them are big, newish releases that sold for around €50 in stores at the time.

I don't see how you could build a console game library like that at a comparative price.

Where can you view your score history? I remember checking mine a while back but can't find it now