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SvennoJ said:
Btw thanks for the thread Spurgeonryan, made me check my amazon cart and ended up buying 4 new blu-rays ugh.
Microcosmos, Adventures of TinTin, The Artist and Grave of the Fireflies.

Finally a new release of Grave of the Fireflies. I looked for that one for years and it was always out of stock or over $70.

You know ever since my 80's voting thread I have had no idea whatsoever what you guys are talking about this movie that I have never heard of before. I did check it out back during that thread, but at this moment I still have no idea and remember nothing that was told to me about this mystery movie "Grave of the Fireflies".


I guess I should check out the dvd section at halfpriced books. You would think I would have seen it in my weekly VHS search at these stores. But I have not.


I enjoyed tin tin, a little to foreign for me, but so so much better than Chipmunks! Stay away from the Chipmunks! Have I mentioned that to anyone before? Especially the third one!!!...!

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