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Given the huge amount of potential the developers of Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City had to work with, it’s disappointing how little of it was actually realized. On several occasions I was legitimately surprised by the mention of the name William Birkin or the familiar sound of picking up an herb, having long forgotten that this was supposed to be a Resident Evil game. The terrible AI, the lackluster locations and the complete lack of atmosphere or memorable characters destroy what could have been a brilliant offshoot. In the end, Operation Raccoon City is little more than a poor man’s SOCOM, and a destitute man’s Resident Evil.


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2.0 Presentation
ORC suffers from a bad, poorly thought-out story and characters without personality. The set pieces are forgettable and the atmosphere is nonexistent.
6.0 Graphics
The graphics look fine, with pretty good character models of familiar RE characters in Heroes mode. It matters very little, though, since there’s nothing interesting to look at.
4.0 Sound
The music fails to set the right tone. Familiar RE sound effects are cool, naturally, but almost seem out of place in this spinoff gone wrong.
3.5 Gameplay
Insufferably bad AI, unbalanced enemies, spotty aiming and a terrible sticking mechanic destroy ORC’s great-in-theory concept.
4.0 Lasting Appeal
Four multiplayer modes extend the fairly short campaign - but the gameplay is so bad, there’s no real reason to play any longer than you have to.
(out of 10)