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noname2200 said:
RoskiGBCND said:
I'd love for the Blue Jays to win but it isn't going to happen.

Probably not, but you guys are quietly building a pretty solid team over there. If you weren't lumped into the utterly-vicious AL East, you'd be good contenders for the playoffs.

But since you are in the AL West, you're probably doomed to fourth place. :-/

spurgeonryan said:

I am from Washington, but my enemies are the Angels, so I can deal with your Oakland doing well....just not too well.

I assume you mean the state and not DC. If so, I look forward to the death duel between our teams for last place! A month ago, I would've bet on us taking it handily with around 60 wins, but now I think we could edge you out by about three or four...

Neither of us is coming close to the Rangers or Angels though (those bastards!).

Lol, as if the god's were listening to us talk.


Scott Sizemore will miss the entire 2012 season with a torn ACL in his left knee.


The Cardinals get back Wainwright though.  That will be a huge boost to the pitching staff.

The Cardinals had the best offense in the NL last year even though Pujols had a down year (for him).  Plugging in Beltran is a good replacement as long as he stays healthy.  I think they will be right there in the thick of things again this year.

Why don't I know how to multi quote?

Pujols was a big part of your team the Republic. Of course he goes to the god dang Angels!


By the way, how old is Pujols? A ten year contract with the Angels! Is that even feasible for him at his age?

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