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Saved for news.

News for now is this. If anyone wants to do Fantasy baseball here on VGC, PM me. I have been working it over and thinking about it for a while now. Never really did it before, but I think it would be fun here. Also this thread may be slow for a little bit since the baseball season has not really started yet, but it will pick up.



Wow! Just Wow! What an interesting year. Some of you may be too pre-occupied with...Lol....Soccer to have noticed, but this has been a very interesting year! Sadly, if the regulars do not compete, ratings could go down. Let's hope not.

(I will leave this here, I loved Griffey Jr.!)Team that I hope will do well? Seattle Mariners. I also hope that Griffey Jr. comes back soon as some sort of coach. Or just Rickey Henderson it and come back and play. So many injuries. Such a sad last Ten years of play time for him.

I am rooting for Mariners in 2014 as usual, Pirates and Royals. Just because I like to see Baseball successful everywhere.





Remembering Ruth's big league debut 100 years ago

The Babe pitched seven innings, allowing two earned runs in a win over Cleveland

Cal Ripken Jr.: Mother's kidnapping 'bizarre', still searching for answers



CBS/AP) BALTIMORE - Hall of Fame infielder Cal Ripken Jr. says his family and the police are still searching for answers about the kidnapping of his mother last week, a crime he called "bizarre" and unsettling.

At a news conference Friday in Baltimore, Ripken appealed for the public's help in locating the man responsible for kidnapping his 74-year-old mother, Vi, at gunpoint. Vi Ripken was found unharmed in her car on Wednesday, July 25 after the one-day ordeal, but Ripken says she remains shaken up and is too traumatized to return home in Aberdeen, Md.

Earlier Friday, Cal Ripken told ABC's "Good Morning America" that his mother is a tough woman, but her sense of security has been violated.

Ripken appeared to choke up as he described a phone call from his sister last week indicating that his mother might be missing. He said it was "a horrible night."

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July 25, 2012 - Cal Ripken Jr.'s mother was abducted, found unharmed, say Md. police
July 27, 2012 - Kidnapping of Cal Ripken Jr.'s mother still a puzzle to police

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