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Friday July 11, 2014All times Eastern. Subject to change.

Saturday July 12, 2014All times Eastern. Subject to change.

Sunday July 13, 2014All times Eastern. Subject to change.

AwayHomeTime (ET)Away ProbableHome ProbableMLB.TVTickets
White Sox Indians 1:05pm Buy Tickets
Marlins Mets 1:10pm Buy Tickets
Pirates Reds 1:10pm Buy Tickets
Nationals Phillies 1:35pm Buy Tickets
Blue Jays Rays 1:40pm Buy Tickets
Red Sox Astros 2:10pm TBD Buy Tickets
Tigers Royals 2:10pm Buy Tickets
Cardinals Brewers 2:10pm Buy Tickets
Braves Cubs 2:20pm Buy Tickets
Angels Rangers 3:05pm Buy Tickets
D-backs Giants 4:05pm Buy Tickets
Twins Rockies 4:10pm TBD Buy Tickets
Athletics Mariners 4:10pm Buy Tickets
Padres Dodgers 4:10pm Buy Tickets
Yankees Orioles 8:05pm TBD

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