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amp316 said:
spurgeonryan said:
amp316 said:

I think that you brought up an interesting point about how important the supporting characters were in this movie and Dr. No.  Both Kerim Bay and Quarrel were a great help to Bond and weren't female or named Felix Leiter.  I have noticed that many of the better Bond movies have this in common.

I would also like to point out that it is not always the villain that steal the show. Which is strange because you would think that this would not be the case. Oddjob is Goldfingers henchman, but he steals the show. Jaws, Mayday (spelled wrong probably), Three Blind Mice, and even Nash in this movie is not the actual villain. Who was worse in Goldeneye?  Xenia or Janus? Here name was Xenia right?

I think that you spelled everyone's name right.  I also agree that the henchman and not the main villain is often times the better character.  The main villain is the mastermind, while the henchman / henchwoman does all of the cool dirty work.  Take From Russia With Love for example.  We do not even sww the leader of SPECTRE's face, but Red Grant and Rosa Klebb both have some great scenes. 

Its funny I was reading your post and said to myself, "Who the Hell is Red Grant?" Then I remembered Nash was Grant. Strange how I remember the name he had for 5 minutes of the film, but not is main name.

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