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Fu***ng Spoilers, so don't read what I wrote.

When I first watched this movie I was so confused in the first 15 minutes. I was saying to myself,"Go Bond". Sadly the fake bond was killed. What the Hell just happened? Of course that was when I was around 16 years old. I am sure that I watched it many times as a kid, but I could not remember it.
What came next throughout the whole movie was pure greatness! Just like Dr. No, one of my fondess memories comes from the Turkish guy that Bond is hanging around with. I really enjoyed his character. The gypsy camp, underground layers, the Lecter Caper, and then the escape were all wonderful scenes. This movie really shows us how much of a lucky streak that Bond has in him. But it also show that he is no fool. He realized that something was going on. He just did not know what was going on. We see this at the end when he turns the canisters on in his briefcase.
Bond would need this same type of luck and resourcefulness in his next movie Goldfinger. So lucky for him he had a chance to get some practice in here.

Great movie, and great review! Here is what we have to look forward to next week in case none of you have ever seen it.
I used to love that theme song to death for Goldfinger!

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