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Barozi said:
Kantor said:
Barozi said:
greenmedic88 said:
Personally, I just don't see the point of Origin as an end user.

I understand why EA set it up on the other hand. They don't want to give sales to Valve through Steam and would rather eliminate the middle man and sell their games via DD directly from their own servers for maximum profits. And in all fairness, who wouldn't? Considering EA owns/publishes quite a few major franchises I'm sure they'd just as soon keep as much of that revenue to themselves.

As for why I don't like Origin as a user, again it feels completely unnecessary. Since it only covers EA games, it's always going to be limited as a service which I'm using here as a term by the loosest possible definition. For the most part, it feels more like a form of DRM even though it is more comparable to Steam (which many claim is nothing but the *ultimate* DRM).

That's not true.

Although it's true that Origin doesn't only cover EA games, it has a much smaller library than Steam.

Obviously yeah, but they just added games from a few other publishers.

Sure they will add some more soon.

The problem with that is that half the games are region blocked for me :/. That, in addition to the lack of offers similar to the US origin store makes Origin pretty crappy to me