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amp316 said:
spurgeonryan said:
brendude13 said:

Good review, still haven't had chance to watch it though, Netflix didn't have it.

I have seen the start though, and the James Bond introduction when he is at the casino table is the best one out of all the movies in my opinion.

Just one request...add screens from the movie to your reviews. :)

So now that you have watched this and Casino Royale 1957, which Card game to you find to be more realistic?

The card scene from Casino Royale 1954 was more realistic.  In baccarat your chances are nearly 50/50.  Going on a run like that is possible, but highly unlikely.  Even Bond himself admits that something like that can't last forever.  It goes back to your post about him having a horseshoe up his arse.

I think even Bond is wrong occasionally. He was lucky in the 50's and he is lucky now. Lucky his balls did not explode in Casino royale with Craig, Lucky he was able to get away from that Tsunami in Die another Day (and survive the plane falling apart, and get away from the space diamond lazer, and..), I would say the movie that he had the most luck in was From Russia with Love! The whole movie, like the blond Haired assassin said, he was being saved by him. Funny that Bonds guardian Angel is also his stalking trained assassin enemy!

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