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zuvuyeay said:
spurgeonryan said:
I was born in 1982, but still grew up on Sean Connery. Maybe it was because my Dad was a Connery fan, I do not know. For some reason I skipped all the Roger Moore stuff until I was older. Now it all just seems too cheesy. Maybe if I would have watched it back then it would have been better.

i agree,i saw connery too on the telly,but i was talkkiing about the cinema really and i admit he is very cheesy

that is also what i mean't to say after dalton the bond songs jsut went unto lunacy,why oh why mess with suc a beautiful concept,for me the new casino royale was almost a perfect reboot,even the titles were up to standard but why have that song,i'm not saying they are all bad but this is bond,you know if you aren't a classy singer you shouldn't be touching a bond film in my opinion

I agree that Daniel Craig has done a much better job bringing the series out of the past, compared to Brosnan. Less crazy gadgets (if you want gadgets that are actually close to real check out M.I 4) and more realistic ones to fill in its place. Out of all the bonds I would say that Daniel Craig is the toughest, "as Amp would say". Sadly he does not seem to be able to transition out of the role in his other roles so well. He frowned and looked cool as ice throughout all of Cowboys and Aliens as well. At least he plays a great blond haired bond!

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