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You have no argument from me there with Moore. Out of the three Bonds with more than 2 movies under their belt I rank him the lowest. For some reason the Directors of all the Roger Moore films thought that the last Connery Bond was the best and that is what they did for the rest of the 80's. Pure bizarro craziness!

Mr. Connery did have his share of Fight scenes, and he was good at it *cough Pussy Galore cough*. Albeit, Brosnan had his own female trouble in G.E, but she was a ruthless Russian! By the time Goldeneye had come out we were in a new world. Flashy lights, technology, etc were here to be used by the directors. Bond did not need to be as tough as the action stars of the 60's-70's were. I think Arnold S. killed more people in Commando than anyone has in any movie ever by themselves! That is just how it was. I was not just basing my vote off of 'From Russia with Love and Goldeneye', but those are the best examples. I seem to remember Brosnan getting his ass handed to him and coming back for more in Die Another Day at the end as well. He may not have looked that part, but he had had it in him! Franklin Roosevelt did not look the part of a President, but we all know what he did.

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Casino Royale (1967)

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