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SnakeDrake said:
i watch more movies and went to the cinema this year then my entire life. So here are my top 5

1.Rise of the Apes should get the first best actor nominee for a CGI actor
2.X-Men: First Class i never though i would ever cry for Magneto
3.Horrible Bosses funny story is that me and my friends watched this after the huge disappointment that is Immortals. We laughed like there was no tomorrow
4.Insidious (2011) this was my first ever horror movie that i watched at the cinema. It was scary as ....
5. Real Steel Hugh Jackman is the man

Apes was really good, and X-Men was better than I thought it would be.




Kung fu Panda 2 was not my most favorite, but I give it extra points for having Jean Claude Van Varenburg in it!


@ Melbye


I bought Captain America for Christmas. Excited!

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