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After watching the trailer to this film I was not that excited at all. I thought it was going to be full of site gags, not as original, slower than the last, just not as good. Happily I was terribly wrong!

From the very start this was a very enjoyable experience. The audience was treated to The Dark Knight Rises and John Carter of Mars trailers. I must say that bother look great, and the trailers were much better at the theater. The movie started immediately like the first one did with Holmes on the trail of some case. This time it is a Professor Moriarty that he is after, which is where we left off in the first.

Moriarty is not a suave villain like you would get in movies such as: Die Hard or a James Bond flick. No, he is a ruff, bland looking, college professor that just happens to be one of the greatest criminal minds of the late 1800's. Sherlock Holmes certainly had his hands full in this one! The film was incredibly balanced with action, humor, adventure, and drama throughout. I laughed more in this movie than I have in most recent comedies (other than Community of course). The camera work and editing was very good as well. Slow motion, explosions, light-dark-shade techniques were spot on. Basically must have watched a different movie than the one I watched, because what I watched was an "A" movie.

The ending will be wonderful! Lots of twists and gotcha's in this movie, so be prepared to be happily amused throughout! I do hope that you all get a chance to see this movie!

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