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Being a Dark Lord is not all it's cracked up to be. Long hours, employee incompetence, and a most nights on the road. So when it comes time for Darth Vader to get some time off, he tries doing it right. This summer he spent it in SoCal

Checked Out the Pool "Scenery"

To start off the summer, Vader wanted nothing more than to sit back at the pool with a cerveza in hand and to take in the local "scenery". Thankfully he remembered is SPF 55

Learned How to Surf

It's a little known fact that before Vader has Jedi aspirations, he wanted to be a surfer...So, he was totally stoked when he got a chance to hang 10 off the coast of San Diego...

Summer Fling with a Cougar

Vader has had a bit of a dry spell since those Rebels made him homeless as when you can't bring a lady back to your crib, it's tough to pick up them up. But, this summer Vader figured out that if you hook up with a cougar, that you go to her place. He met this one at 24 Hour Fitness...and she taught him a thing or two

Took Little Jabba to the Park

Little Jabba got to stretch his legs and play with the other pups at the local park. Vader watched patiently from the swings...until some little schnauzer started doing a little more than sniffing.

Got Thrown Out of a Minor League Game

It was Thirsty Thursdays night and Vader got into a malted hop frenzy with dollar beers. He heckled the "Quakes" right-fielder for 6.5 innings before security escorted him out

Night in the Drunk Tank after UCLA Tailgate

At this point in the summer Vader was hitting the bars pretty hard. And for UCLA's first home game, tailgate was no exception. He got into an altercation with UCLA gate security trying to bring his light saber into the game and spent the night in the drunk tank. After that episode, he thought it best to end his summer vacation

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