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Today we are going to be doing Star Trek. For the few of you who look at this thread from time to time, there have been a few threads about Star Trek in the past week, so we will go with the flow and take a peek at all the movies from the Star Trek Franchise the best we can.


Star Trek: The Motion Picture


Production Budget: $35 million(Other source says 46 million)

Domestic:  $82,258,456

Worldwide 139 million

From that alone we can see that this movie made a decent profit, but it would mean the next movie would have a smaller budget.


Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan


Production Budget: $11.2 million (or 11 million from other source)

Domestic:  $78,912,963

97 million World wide

The VHS when it first came out sold about 120,000 copies at 39.95 a piece!

The original budget was 8.5 million, but Paramount liked what they saw so they added a few million. Obviously it cost less to make so it was more profitable. Don't forget when you are looking at all of this that these movies have been through Laser Disc, VHS, DVD, Blue Ray, etc. Not to mention TV Spots. So by now even the movie that made the least amount of money back then is most likely in the green now. This is more of a did they bomb at the time type of post. The latest Star Trek was more on line with The Motion Picture than the Wrath of Khan, but we will get to that in a few minutes.


Star Trek 3: The Search for Spock

Just when everyone thought the series was over, they got blind sided with this. So come witness the dawn of a new Star Trek, when we all first discovered that anything is possible when it comes to this Work.

Budget $16 million

Domestic:  $76,471,046

Box office $87 million

Interesting that this movies was able to break a record. Did anyone actually like this movie? Supposedly it was able to beat The Temple of Dooms Box office week one record with 16 million. You can add Betamaz, CED, and 8mm Cassette to this movies home video releases.


Star Trek 4: The Voyage Home

Budget $21 million

Domestic:  $109,713,132

Worldwide: $133 million

Back to fun! After the dreadful Star TRek 3 this movie was certainly a welcome site for fans of Star Trek. It seems the rest of the world was still trying to decide if they liked Star Trek or not, but it did great domestically!  Finally Spock 4 was done and we were able to move on to Star Trek again. What? Basically the end of 2, all of 3 and the first quarter of this movie was about Spock. Seriously though, I am happy that Mr. Nimoy had a chance to redeem himself (the studios did give him more freedom on the fourth one as well) and make this wonderful movie. AS I am sure everyone is aware this did well on Home video as well over the years.

On a side note. Did the whole cast of 7th Heaven at one time star in a Star Trek movie, episode, etc? Oh and for those of you watching the 80's elimination thread, this movie was going to have Eddie Murphy in it as a reporter, but it did not work out. So you all could have voted this down as well:)


Star Trek 5: The Final Frontier

Now that Mr. Nimoy had become a famous director, Mr. Shatner wanted to as well. What do you think? Did he become one?

Budget: Who has a budget for this? If Star Trek 4 cost 21 million then this must have been much more even with cuts. There were script changes like you would not believe, Special effects going this way and that, movie were expected to make more money by this time in the 80's and nothing (including the movie) went right with it. Except for opening week ,which beat the 4th movie, but after that it dropped fast!

Domestic:  $52,210,049 (Other source says 49.5 million)

Worldwide: $63 million


Star Trek 6: The Undiscovered Country

So Shatner almost killed Star Trek, big deal! The next movie was greenlit anyways, and I guess it saved Star Trek!

Budget $27 million 

World Wide $96,888,996

It was one of the bigger hits of 1991. Lots of Drama making the movie though!


Star Trek: Generations

Yes, I do not just make up these numbers, there is a link for you naysayers out there.

Here we start the mostly successful Next Generation movie career.

Production Budget: $35 million

Worldwide: $118,071,125

Thank "Q" for this movie, or we would never have gotten our hands on First Contact!I, for one, can watch this movie over and over again. Very entertaining. In fact I almost bought the movie on VHS before it was for sale to consumers. I think it was around 150 dollars to buy it like a rental store would at that time. Thank God all movies come out at the same time now for Rental chains and consumers(oh sorry, Thank "Q").

Star Trek: First Contact

Budget $46,000,000

Worldwide: $146,027,888

Production Budget $46,000,000


Kind of a let down that this only scored 146 million worldwide. This movie was fantastic. Borg, Time travel, James Cromwell, Comdedy, ACtion, and everything else that make movies great! It also got a lot of promotion from Paramount, so that means high production cost as well. Happily I found that the official website received around 4.4 million hits a week, hopefully back then they were smart enough to put some google adsense or something on the site.


Star Trek: Insurrection

This is where the Star Trek Franchise started it's dark days. Voyager and Deap space 9 were on there way out the door, and this movie was mediocre at best.

Production Budget $70,000,000

Worldwide Gross $117,800,000

Not much to say about this other than it lost money. It would be lucky to finally be profitable in 2012. Hapy New Year!

Star Trek: Nemesis

Production Budget: $60 million

Prints and Advertising Budget $33,000,000

Worldwide Gross $67,312,826

Not getting any help here, this movie has a long way to go to make some money. Goodbye Picard! Guess "Q" couldn't save him this time.

Star Trek

Production Budget: $150 million

Worldwide Gross $385,680,446

Domestic DVD Sales: $100,829,557


There you have it, this is why the next movie is being made, and why this series has made money once again!

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