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Khaaaaan! Khaaaaan! Khaaaan!

That is William Shatner at his best yelling words into the Black Void we call Space. Yep! You guessed it Khan Noonien Singh: tyrant, Eugenics Wars survivor, freaky space-yoga practitioner and all around Kirk ball-buster (1) is back for seconds. As you can see from the picture above that guy is going to play him , possibly, in the next movie from J.J Abrams. Will they do the same story just better, or will Mr. Abrams have some sort of other twist? Will James Tiberius Kirk make his return finally? There was a lot of drama with the last Star Trek movie over William Shatner not being in it that I would be surprised if they make that mistake again.

Breaking news Vgchart Community! William Shatner has agreed to do a video interview with me! Wow! This is an honor Mr. Shatner. What do you have to say about the new Star Trek movie that is coming out. We all know you are a very cheesy over the top actor, so make it short and sweet!

There you have it! Like poetry Mr. Shatner. Thank you for your time. That is all this week Vgchart Community. Come back next week to see Marlon Brando and John Candy in a Sub eating contest.

Another update already. In a surprising turn of events, Benicio Del Toro walks away from a chance to play the villain of ‘Star Trek 2′ – a character who’s been confirmed by another source to indeed be the long-rumored Khan.

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