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Seece said:
pezus said:
Michael-5 said:

3 million for Uncharted 3 by the end of the year? You really think that's possible? Even with Bundles week 2 sales droped 75% to 300k, next week sales will likely be 150k, and the game will probably stabilize closer to 100k. There are 7 weeks left in the year, 1 being post christmas (where sales crash on all consoles). Uncharted 3 would have to sell 250k a week to break 3 million by the end of the year, and I really doubt it can do that.

Valkyria Chronicles is also one of my faorite PS3 games, but I can't replay JRPG's, and I didn't like the ending levels in that game (just got too silly). I don't think I'd like Brutal Legend, so PS3 I'm waiting for the Tales of Xillia/Graces games and Last Guardian. I think I will like those games more then any PS3 exclusive so far.

UC2 managed to do over 2.5m in 2009, so I don't see why UC3 can't do 3m. BF week will lift the sales immensely and so will christmas week.

Hmm, (I'm on the fence) We have 7 weeks worth of data to go, with 7 weeks left to go Uncharted 2 did 1,050M. If U3 followed the same pattern it'd hit 2.6M. However for that comparison we have to compare U3 Week 3 to U2 week 6, and that's likely 200k vs 95k for U2, so U3 will make gains there. 3 mill certainly seems doable.

Oh, I completely forgot UC2 launched in early October. I'm not quite as certain now as I was, but it's certainly possible