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#47 -> Metroid Prime (GC)

After Nintendo left off the main Metroid effort at Super Metroid on the SNES, it was a daunting task for both Nintendo and Retro Studio to revive the series in 3 dimensions 8 years later on the Gamecube. What they delivered was breathtaking. Sporting some of the most lushest visuals of the time, the world of Samus Aran was brought to life in glorious 3D like noone would have ever imagined. To launch the title, you are welcomed with a biological themed start screen with enchanting technorchestral sound that made the most reticent fan salivate. As you began the game, the magic did not fade. Graced with a remix of classic Metroid music, your journey begins in the greener Tallon Overworld. But it's upon entering the Chozo Ruins that you begin to see the sheer detail in every single room you visit. This richness of detail makes the world so charming, as every unique feature makes it that much more distinguishable, that much more memorable. Then comes Magmoor Caverns, where fans of the series are treated with a beautiful remix of their beloved and haunting lower norfair theme, that makes you want to sing in an austere, base voice behind a haunting chozo mask. Many artifacts can be found in the game which reveal the history of the virtuous Chozo, an ancient civilization of great nobility. Music, visuals and environment being key properties of this series, the game does not dissapoint in terms of gameplay. Behind the lovely Samus HUD, players play a first person view of Samus Aran's ostacles and challenges, none of which is any less fun than the game was before. Of course, we all missed the dash boots, but all the other joys of the new 1st person adventure made the jump to 3D that much worth it. And to top it all off, Retro Studios pulled of the all so important morph ball like it was fine art. A beautiful stellar title that made the gamecube shine, Metroid Prime gets my #47 spot.


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