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NPD Results

360 393k  (VGC 418k) - VGC 6% over

Wii 250k  (VGC 283k) - VGC 13% over

3DS 250k  (VGC 260k) - VGC 4% over

PS3 250k (VGC 290k) - VGC 16% over

NDS 180k  (VGC 117k) - VGC 35% under



NPD will report sales and financials for the US video game market later today.  As leaks and numbers become available I will update this thread and no doubt so will others.

VGC estimates the following for US:

Full preview here:


Wedbush's Big Bill Pachter predicts:

- software sales in the U.S. will total $690 million
- this is up 14 percent compared to last year's $605 million
- the release line-up for this year's October and November period is "one of the strongest in history."
- 180,000 Nintendo Wii units sold (36% lower than VGC extimate)
- 350,000 Xbox 360 units sold (16%  lower than VGC estimate)
- 265,000 PS3 units (8.6% lower than VGC estimate)
- 140,000 DS units
- 250,000 3DS units (3.8% lower than VGC estimate)
- hardware unit sales during October will be flat compared to October of last year
- handheld sales were up 8 percent thanks to the Nintendo 3DS

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