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pezus said:
Has TDK been added??

First I would like to say that Tower Heist has a good chance of breaking even in America alone.

Domestic:  $28,890,505    75.3%  
Foreign:  $9,500,000    24.7%  
Worldwide:  $38,390,505    

No the film cost 75 million to make for some reason. But overseas has not even been hit with it yet, and they are already at almost 10 million.


The Dark Knight

Domestic:  $533,345,358    53.2%  
Foreign:  $468,576,467    46.8%  
Worldwide:  $1,001,921,825    

Cost 185 million to develop, and we can add a good amount of advertisement to it as well! Lets say 150 million is the usual for this type of movie. Studios get 55 percent of tickets sales back in revenue and movie theaters keep the rest.

US DVD Sales: $255,927,449

So as you can see TDK made bank!


Yo_John...The Lord of the Rings Trilogy

I think the number everyone always went with was that it cost 300 million to develop, plus 300 million to produce. Here is the first one in sales.

Worldwide:  $870,761,744  

Second one.

Worldwide:  $925,282,504  

3rd one.

Worldwide:  $1,119,110,941

Now Boxofficemojo has them all at around 93.5 million a piece in budget, so take that as you will.

The first one had an advertising budget of 40 million!

14 million is how many copies it sold on DVD up to 2003. With Blueray and special editions this is considerably more now!

The second LotR had about as many dvd sales, but cost 50 million to advertise.

Lastly the final LotR cost about 91 million to market total! Including DVD Marketing. It sold a few million more though.

This is what I found on the next movies coming out.If the 270 million is for each individually or both I do not know.

12/31/2012 The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey - - - $270,000,000
12/13/2013 The Hobbit: There and Back Again - - - $270,000,000

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