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Blip said: I can't remember where I saw it - it might have even been a link from this forum, but haven't a few analysts dismissed the claims that Blu-Ray is pulling ahead? Supposedly the numbers used by those making the claims were skewed by the fact that the PS3 contains coupons for 20 or 30% off a Blu-Ray movie. It was surmised that once the launch coupons have all been used (in Dec or Jan), that the Blu-Ray number will come back in-line with HD. I will not pretend to not be a Nintendo fanboy (or fan-old-man), in that I am hoping that they do re-claim their rightful place at number one from a loyalty perspective. But ultimately, as long as they exist and I can play new versions of Mario I do not care. I am too old and busy to spend every waking moment worrying about who is number one. That said, anyone who thinks that Sony is guaranteed to maintain the number one spot just because they are Sony has obviously not been around, or at an age to notice the fall of Atari or the decline of Nintendo. I can assure you that none of us who spent years glued in front of our old console televisions back in the late 70's or early 80's playing 2600 games would have ever envisioned that Atari would be a non-player in the console market. It does not matter if the graphics are better, or who's name is on the box - nothing is guaranteed no matter how bad you want it.
Blu-ray is currently selling 2:1 so it does not matter what analysts say facts are facts. from dvd empire
100 units to every 98.71 units of HD DVD — since the inception of both formats, according to First Alert data.
Blu-ray Tips Scales The reason Blu-ray will not slow down is because they are releasing more titles faster already this year 39 titles to 19 titles. The main reason Sony is increasing their releases and Universal(only HD-DVD exclusive studio) has slowed down abit.