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binary solo said:
spurgeonryan said:
Today's movie is Abduction with Taylor Lautner.
Production Budget: $35 million

Total Lifetime Grosses
Domestic: $19,840,455 51.0%
+ Foreign: $19,100,000 49.0%
= Worldwide: $38,940,455

It still has a long way to go in Others so this movie will do just fine for this kid.

I don't think so. It won't break even from box office receipts (taking onto account marketing and distribution costs). DVD sales and rentals will put it over the line, just.  They were wise indeed not to spend big $$ on its production. If they had spent $60 million (which is still not huge) they would have ended up majorly in the red.

You do not think that people overseas will push this much higher? Taylor Lautner is big because of twilight.  There was not much spent on production I dont think, because I only saw trailers online. Still  if it cost 35 million to make, then they will only need about 52 million to break even with the budget. Boxofficemojo says  studios make back 55 percent from theater tickets. That is where the 52 million came from. I am guessing no more than 10-20 million for production. Can it push out 62-72 million WW? I do agree that Blue Ray, DVD, etc will push it over the mark easily like you said.

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