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GameOver22 said:
Smeags said:
spurgeonryan said:
this one which just went on forever!!!

Yeah, I started looking at my watch around halfway through the hour long climax. XD

I mean, Shia was flailing around that one decepticon for like... 5 minutes. >_>

Lemme get my texts from that night (this is right after the movie ends):

Friend: Eugh
Smeags: It wouldn't end Ahhhhhhh!
Friend: Haha I know!

Yes, I never thought  I would have to battle boredom in an action movie. I felt the movie was about an hour too long, and, yes, I was checking my watch as well.

And who wants to hear Shia scream through a whole hour long destruction scene? His screaming was cute in holes, but enough is enough!

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