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sapphi_snake said:
adriane23 said:
sapphi_snake said:
adriane23 said:
sapphi_snake said:
spurgeonryan said:
BloodyRain said:
Well not really sure about catwomen seems kind of weird without the ears but anyone else think bane looks a bit off too?

I was surprised they used Bane at all! I just have a bad taste in my mouth after the last one I guess. I am sure it will all be good though. Can he top his last Batman movie????

I doubt that. Quite frankly, I think this is gonna end up being disappointing, considering how hyped it is.

I agree, but I'm still optimistic. Trilogies rarely end well.

This is true. Lord of the Rings and Toy Story are the only exceptions that come to mind.

Yep, I was thinking of those exact two trilogies along with the first Star Wars trilogy.

Return of the Jedi was mediocre, so it was definately not a trilogy where the quality was consistent (like LotR and Toy Story). The original Star Wars trilogy was just like The Godfather trilogy: the first 2 movies were great, and the 3rd was a major letdown.

REally? I thought Return of the jedi was the best out of the three. The ewoks were a little much, but at some times I enjoyed them  as well.

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