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Mordred11 said:
spurgeonryan said:
Boutros said:

Paranormal Activity is more impressive imo

Production Budget: $15,000

Worldwide: $193,355,800

That is a great example! Even the second one made a ton on a small budget of 3 million I believe?

DVD sales says $16,624,990! I do not know if that includes Blue Ray and it def. does not include the second one.

You guys are seeming to forget the marketing costs.The advertising budget for PA is most likely much bigger than it's whole production budget.

Green Lantern.It has a 200M$ production cost + an estimated 100M$(!) marketing budget.

The movie hasn't even reached 200M worlwide,I think it's Warner Bros.'s biggest flop in a loooong time.

I agree! It is usually Universal that is making movies that fail (with some exceptions of course), but The Green Lantern just did horrible! Watchmen was another one from them that did lousy. I am still hoping for Lantern to at least push past 200 million worldwide in the end. I do not think it hit Japan or China yet where it could still be saved once summer is over.

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